The prosperity of Crete has been interwoven with olives since the first European civilization began to emerge with the ancient Minoans. They were the first to discover its riches, using it for food and light and they have never lost their value since. In the greater Sitia area, ancient pots and amphora were found full of olives and laid out as an offering to the gods – an offering that no man dare present to the divine unless it was the most valuable and pure he had.


The Sitian Union of Agricultural Co-operatives is no small endeavor. It unified producers across the whole region and reflects their common desire to produce olive oil in the most modern facilities. Of the 41 primary co-operatives there are 8000 farmers, amongst which are found those who have been farming from “grandfather to grandfather”, those who have a deep affinity with the land, those who have heard the call and returned.


Extra virgin olive oil is the defining mark of the Mediterranean diet and boasts superior quality to its competitors. Much has been written regarding its nutritional value and health benefits. High in vitamins E, A and K and beneficial fatty acids. Its key health benefits however, are its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Medical studies also show that extra virgin olive oil, helps prevent cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure. No wonder top chefs never tire their raving about it.

Around the world, from Northern Europe and the Americas to Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Japan, the increase in demand shows that households are gradually discovering the spectacular taste “boom” with the addition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. After all, Mediterranean diet, among the healthiest in the world with millions of “believers”, has Extra Virgin Olive Oil at its core.



Of the 190,000 acres of arable land in Sitia, 140,000, i.e. about 75%, are olive cultivation with 3,000,000 olive trees, exclusively of the variety “Koroniki” that produce an average of 10,000 tons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil per year, of excellent quality, famous throughout the world.

The worldwide registered “Protected Designation of Origin Sitia Lassithiou Kritis”, since 1993 describes the unique properties of olive oil produced by the region that until today remains untouched by polluting activities. The microclimate of Sitia is characterized by high sunshine, mild winters special composition and morphology of the soil and wet sea wind. The morphology of the soil includes many mountainous and semi-mountainous areas with large gradients and good soil drainage. Factors that directly affect the cultivation and production process and that offer olive oil of Koroniki variety, all those elements that make it unique in its kind and give it special characteristics. An excellent fruity and mildly spicy unique olive oil with a long aftertaste, different and distinct from other regions of Greece.


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